Shoot-N-Print Version 3 - How it Works

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The app that prints all of your event photos instantly and automatically

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How it works:

1. Select folder to monitor (hot folder)
2. Select printer to use
3. Select paper size to use
4. Select number of copies to print of photo
5. Determine whether to preview each image before printing or have Shoot-N-Print automatically print all images in folder
6. Determine whether to print each photo in full color, black & white or sepia toned
7. Start Processing
8. If processing with Preview option - crop image and select to Print or Skip each image

Once processing is started a photo will automatically be printed for each image found in the selected folder. As new images show up they will be automatically printed. Image files printed will be moved to a Printed sub-folder and Skipped images will be moved to a Skipped sub-folder.

If the Preview option is selected, each image found in the selected folder will be shown in the Preview panel (see below) and the user can crop and/or rotate the image and then choose to either “Print” or “Skip” each image.

Once all images in the folder have been printed, Shoot-N-Print will continue to monitor the folder for new images arriving until the Stop Processing” button or the “Abort Printing” button is clicked. This allows the photographer to continue to take pictures and have them automatically printed as they arrive in the monitored folder.

Version 3 Supports the following:
  • Ability to automatically add pre-designed borders, templates and logos (landscape or portrait or both) to each image (in Automatic or Preview mode). click here to see a few sample .PNG borders and templates.
  • Manually crop and rotate crop box for each image (in Preview Mode) -– crop box is automatically sized to match the aspect ratio of the selected print size.
  • Dual monitor support -– utilize Windows ability to set up dual monitors and show a full screen preview image on a secondary monitor/display for customers to view images (in Preview Mode).
  • Ability to un-register a License Key from one computer and register the License Key on another computer.

  • Ability to Rotate Crop Box to Portrait or Landscape orientation regardless of image orientation or printer paper orientation, giving photographer a LOT more cropping options and capabilities to give the customer what they want (Version 2 required crop box to match the orientation to match the paper orientation).

  • Option to save complete printed image (with cropping, template/border and custom text) as a .JPG in "As Printed" folder.

  • Option to "Disable Printing" and ONLY save complete printed image (with cropping, template/border and custom text) as a .JPG in "As Printed" folder WITHOUT actually printing completed image to a printer - great for publishing to social media!

  • Option to "Preview" complete image (with cropping, template/border and custom text) on screen and 2nd monitor (for customer to review) BEFORE printing image to printer allowing user to change cropping or choose to "Skip" image and go to next image in queue.

  • Advanced Custom Option to print to 2 printers, rotating between printers to speed up productivity. User sets the # of prints to print to each printer before switching to other printer (i.e. Print 10 prints to Printer A and Print 5 Prints to Printer B).

  • Select Custom Font, Text Color and Text Background Color for Custom Added Text (Font size is automatically calculated by Shoot-N-Print to show the Added Text as large as possible based upon size/orientation of selected Paper Size).

  • Default Paper Size is automatically selected when changing printers for fast changing of Printer/Paper Sizes when in Preview mode or Printing Single Images

  • See additional Version 3 features by clicking here.

Shoot-N-Print Main Screen (Automatic Mode)

Shoot-N-Print Main Screen (Preview Mode)

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