Shoot-N-Print Version 3

Auto Print Software

The app that prints all of your event photos instantly and automatically

Shoot-N-Print does it ALL for you at the click of a button!

One of the biggest advantages of Shoot-N-Print over other applications is that once the photographer sets the required options a non-technical assistant can be used to print photos and serve the customers. No need to hire expensive technical assistants that are very proficient with other complex applicatons such as PhotoShop, Lightroom, Digital Express, etc.

Shoot-N-Print is a Windows app that monitors a folder and any image that shows up gets printed on the specified printing using the specified paper/print size.

Print every image automatically or choose the "Preview" option to view all images and decide whether to print each image or not.

It doesn't matter what orientation the photo is shot in. Shoot-N-Print will automatically rotate and print the image at the proper orientation (Portrait or Landscape) and auto crop to fit the specified paper/print size. 

How It Works
Version 3 Features

Use for events such as:

  • Santa Photos
  • Proms
  • Dance Photos
  • Corporate Events
  • Graduations
  • Promotional Events
  • Parties
  • Theme Park Photos
  • Easter Bunny Photos
  • Fundraisers
  • Gatherings
  • High School Reunion Photos
  • College Reunion Photos
  • Class Reunions
  • Picture Day Photos
  • Anniversary Photos
  • Sports Photography Photos
  • Ball Team Photos
Shoot-N-Print can be used
with any of the
following methods:

  • camera tethered to
       using camera's
       "capture" software

  • wirelessly transmitted
       to a folder
       (using devices such
       as eye-fi or wi-Pics)

  • or simply copy images from
       camera's memory card
       to a folder
       on computer 

Version 3 for $49.00

Electronic Version *
(Includes 2 License Keys for use on 2 different computers)

* An email will be sent to your PayPal email account within a few minutes after we receive full payment from PayPal (eChecks and payments requiring validation by PayPal will take longer). The email will include your license key(s) along with links and instructions on how to download and install the electronic version of Shoot-N-Print software plus a PDF version of the User Manual.
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Want to try before buying? Click Here to download Demo/Evaluation Version and User Manual.

Only interested in a Single (1) License Key (for single computer) - $34.95

  • Team & Individual (T&I) Photos
  • Gala Photos
  • Festivals
  • Mall Photos
  • Special Event Photos
  • Wedding or Wedding Receptions
  • Family Reunions
  • Church Family Photos
  • Bar Mitzvah Photos
  • Bat Mitzvah Photos
  • Senior Class Reunions
  • Holiday Event Photos
  • Birthday Party Photos
  • Buddy Pics
  • Cotillions
  • Fraternity or Sorority Photos

Typical workflow: This automatic print software app is designed to be used in situations where the event photographer's position/camera is stationary, the subjects are "staged" or "posed", the photographer controls the cropping, colors, white balance, etc. (via the camera) and a photo needs to be printed automatically from each picture taken. This is a great tool, especially for fast paced events where the time to manually find, open, crop, print and rename images is too time-consuming and a better, faster workflow is needed. This tool is best utilized when using a fast dye-sub printer but can also be used with inkjet or laser printers. Although it is best to use a professional or pro-sumer digital SLR camera for event photography, Shoot-N-Print can be used with any digital camera.